Frequently Asked Questions


When is the annual fee due?   When you enroll. You can cancel at any time but the annual fee is non-refundable.

What does the annual fee cover?   Membership in the practice, Email and Cell phone access to the office, phone call/email follow-ups, pharmacy refills at any time and all non-covered services including procedures and some in-office testing.

Do I need to keep my insurance if I join?  YES. This is not insurance and you will continue to use your insurance for labs, medications, xrays, hospital stays, surgeries, etc.

Why join?  Obamacare has led to a crowded marketplace with more of the financial burden of seeing a Doctor placed on patients. Soon, and in some places already, doctors’ schedules are overbooked and you may not be able to make appointments as you may need them. In addition, if you are lucky enough to get a same-day appointment, it will be with a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant - not a physician.  Our cap in membership is 1300 people (less than half that of a typical doctor’s practice) essentially allowing same day appointments and relaxed visits. You will be assured to see a DOCTOR when you need and on your terms.

Can I use you as my “urgent care” doctor and see another doctor for regular problems?  YES.

What if I have Medicare?   Medicare patients can be seen at this office. Please speak with us for more information. Our annual fee is not paid by Medicare because it includes non-covered services. However, Medicare will pay for covered services such as office visits and hospital visits. We do not participate in Medicare HMO's such as People's Health and Humana, therefore fees cannot be re-imbursed to us. However, these patients can still be seen like other non-Medicare patients.

What about labs, Xrays, CT scans and MRIs?   Patients will continue to use their insurance or Medicare to pay for labs or imaging studies at their approved facilities. If you have a high deductible or no insurance, we can get drastically reduced imaging tests. 

Who is this practice ideal for?   All people who want exceptional physician access, little or no wait times in the waiting room, persons with high deductibles, high co-pays, underinsured, un-insured, or those with chronic medical problems who want a better visit.

What if I need a procedure such as a joint injection, skin tag removal, sutures, cryotherapy, ingrown nail, skin surgery, mole removal, ear wax removal, urgent care visit?   Same $30 co-pay!!!

What if I don't want to join?   We completely understand. We must follow AMA Ethics Guidelines that prevent patient abandonment so we will transition you to a new doctor that still practices in a typical setting.

Will you see me in the hospital?   YES. We make rounds at Lakeview Regional Medical Center. The patient's co-pay is $35 for each day's visit. Nearly ALL doctors on the Northshore now use the Hospitalist service's Nurse Practitioners to see their in-patients. We do not.

How do I pay for annual fees and visits?   Cash, check, or any major credit card. Visa/Mastercard/Debit HSA accounts are accepted to pay for the visits and the Annual Fee. Check with your financial advisor or we can refer you to an HSA enrollment specialist.